Diet Polyclinic - Beslenme ve Diyetetik Bölümü
Diet Polyclinic

Department of Nutrition and Dietetic within Gazi University Faculty of Health Science aims to support the awareness activities with regard to adequate and balanced nutrition of the population. Therefore, in diet polyclinic providing service in our faculty it is aimed to reach healthy body weight of individuals, to maintain achieved body weight, to gain the healthy eating habits, and to regulate the nutrition appropriately taking their diseases into consideration. Primarily, general eating habits of individuals who are directed to our polyclinic by doctors, frequency of their food consumption, food preparation - cooking methods that they use, and laboratory findings related to nutrition are evaluated. After this evaluation, the body composition of individuals is measured and in the light of all this evaluation individual nutrition plan is organized. Diet programs are organized according to age, gender, basal metabolic rate, special condition (pregnant, nursing, illness etc.), physical activity and eating habits of individuals and all these programs is special for each individual. A pocket program does not be applied as stated untruly in many visual and written media. Measuring the changes in body composition in weekly control, obtained results are evaluated with diet program and individuals are provided with training and information about healthy eating. In this way, it is aimed to break wrong eating habits, instead of developing true eating behaviours.