Food Chemistry and Analysis Laboratory - Beslenme ve Diyetetik Bölümü
Food Chemistry and Analysis Laboratory

In this laboratory; qualitative and quantitative tests for the identification to compositions of edible plant and animal food tissue, basic tests for determination the physical and chemical properties of the basic components of food, tests assessing physical, chemical and biological changes occurring in applied to food preparation, processing, storage and distribution stages are made ​​by the responsible research assistants and academic staffs.

The devices, chemicals, materials used in basic food analysis and learning the principles of analysis, interpretation and reporting of the results and information related to laboratory safety are also provided. In this way, the basic theoretical knowledge acquired in a variety of courses by students are supported and reinforced with practical applications. Food Chemistry and Analysis Laboratory is decorated with advanced technical equipment delivering rapid & reliable results and also various theses and research projects are conducted by graduate students and university academic staff. Diversity and versions of the devices in this laboratory are increasing and updating day by day following the latest technological and scientific advances.