Quality Sub-Working Group

Our department's quality commission; leadership, quality and management; education and training; established the relations between the defined institutional policies in all areas of R&D and social contribution.

Additionally, monitoring the results and taking measures by evaluating them together with the stakeholders is one of the important steps of the quality processes. In this context, our quality commission is responsible for the preparation of reports and strategic plans.

During the preparation phase of the Department Self-Evaluation Report (BIDR), our quality team meets in November every year and the task distribution is made within the team according to the criteria in the YÖKAK Institutional Self-Evaluation Reports (KIDR) guide. The necessary data are collected and compiled within the scope of the criteria and transmitted to the Head of the Quality Commission and then to the Head of the Department. The BIDR is prepared in January of the following year, and it is sent first to the department chair and then to the faculty quality responsible and included in the BIDR preparation process of the faculty.

Quality Staff


Prof. Hilal YILDIRAN

Asst. Prof.  Feride AYYILDIZ

Res. Assist. Ayşe Derya BAYAZIT

Res. Assist. Elif ÇELİK

Res. Assist. Gülsüm DEVECİ

Res. Assist. Menşure Nur ÇELİK

Res. Assist.Nazlıcan ERDOĞAN GÖVEZ

Res. Assist. Şerife AKPINAR

Res. Assist.Tevfik KOÇAK

Student Representative

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