The Purpose of the Program and Working Fields

The purpose of the nutrition and dietetics department is to educate researchers and innovative "Dietitians" with universal value, who apply and develop their professional knowledge with the awareness of lifelong learning, in order to protect, improve and develop the health of the society with adequate and balanced nutrition.

In this context, the main educational purpose of the program are stated below.

To gain the competence of applying, evaluating, interpreting, problem solving and decision making.

He should be able to present his professional knowledge and equipment in commissions, boards and meetings related to his field.

To gain the ability of evaluate, apply and multidisciplinary work related to different disciplines.

To train researcher and innovative dietitians who follow scientific developments within the lifelong learning awareness.



Dietitians who have graduated from the department of nutrition and dietetics have employment opportunities in many fields. Some of these areas are:


Inpatient treatment institutions,

Renal care units,

Diabetes education centers,

Enteral-parenteral nutrition team,

outpatient diet clinics,

Instutional food service (kindergartens, schools, food factories, hotel food and beverage services, all institutions that provide intityyional food service, etc.),

food industry,

Public institutions related to food and nutrition,

Executive dietitian

Public health services; mother and child health care centers, family health centers, elderly care centers,

Sports centers,

Serve as researchers, trainers, therapeutic and rehabilitators in education and research institutions.

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