The changes made in nutrition in order to prevent its progression, help recovery and reduce the nutritional and metabolic disorders caused by various diseases that can be seen in every age group starting from infancy are called "Diet Therapy". In this way, it is the department that provides the regulation of diet treatments of individuals.

Prof. Gamze AKBULUT (Head of Department)

Prof. Hilal YILDIRAN

Asst. Prof. Emine YASSIBAŞ

Asst. Prof. Feride AYYILDIZ

Res. Assist. Dr. Sabriye ARSLAN

Res. Assist. Neslihan ARSLAN

Res. Assist. Gizem ÖZATA UYAR

Res. Assist. Hatice BÖLÜKBAŞI

Res. Assist. Menşure Nur ÇELİK

Res. Assist. Meryem SABAN GÜLER

Res. Assist. Büşra ATABİLEN

Res. Assist. Yasemin AÇAR

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