Nutrition and Diet Counseling Center

The Department of Nutrition and Dietetics within the Faculty of Health Sciences of Gazi University aims to support the awareness raising of the society on adequate and balanced nutrition. For this reason, in the Nutrition and Diet Counseling Center serving in our faculty, aimed to reach the healthy body weight of the individuals, to maintain the reached body weight, to gain healthy eating habits and to regulate their nutrition in accordance with their diseases. First of all, general nutritional habits, food consumption frequency, food preparation-cooking methods, laboratory findings related to nutrition of individuals referred to our outpatient clinic are evaluated. After these evaluations, the body composition of the individuals is measured and an individual nutrition plan is prepared in line with all these evaluations. Diet programs are prepared according to the individual's age, gender, basal metabolic rate, special physiological status (pregnant, lactating, illness, etc.), physical activity and nutritional habits. As it is erroneously stated in many visual and printed media, a uniform package program is not applied to all individuals. Changes in body composition are measured during weekly controls, and the results obtained are evaluated together with the diet program, and individuals are provided with education and information on healthy nutrition. In this way, it is aimed to give up faulty eating habits and to develop desired correct nutritional behaviors instead.


* Nutrition in pediatric diseases,

* Carbohydrate count,

* Obesity counseling,

*Healthy child nutrition,

* Sports nutrition,

* Nutrition in adult diseases,   services are provided.

Weight loss diets are available face-to-face, and online (online) service can be obtained with diets related to other diseases.


For information about appointments, please apply to the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics.

Department secretary: Devrim ŞAHİN

Contact: 0312 216 26 22


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