Instutional Food Service

Today, the increase in the rate of urbanization, the development of industry, the change in socio-economic and socio-cultural structure, and the increase in the ratio of employees have made it necessary for people to eat not only at home but also outside the home. These conditions have led to an increase in the scope and importance of mass catering services prepared and offered by others outside the home in our country as well as in the world. In this context, the following consultancy services are provided for mass nutrition establishments.

-Activities for planning menus specific to the target audience, evaluating competence and making necessary improvements

-Evaluation studies for the planning of industrial kitchens in accordance with food safety management systems

- Evaluation of existing industrial kitchens according to food safety standards, especially HACCP, and systematic compliance and planning of corrective actions

- Developing a method and system for the execution of the food services of public institutions and city hospitals

-Preparation of technical specifications for food service purchases including raw materials

-HACCP consultancy

-Hygiene trainings for food industry and catering workers

For information about appointments, please apply to the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics.

Department secretary: Devrim ŞAHİN

Contact: 0312 216 26 22

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