Food Chemistry and Analysis Laboratory

In this laboratory; Qualitative and quantitative tests for identifying the composition of foods with edible plant and animal tissue, basic tests to determine the physical and chemical properties of the basic components of foods, tests to detect physical, chemical and biological changes that occur during the pre-preparation/preparation, processing, storage and distribution stages applied to foods are done.
Information on devices, chemicals, materials and analysis principles used in basic food analysis, interpretation and reporting of results and laboratory safety are also given. In this way, the basic theoretical knowledge gained by the students in various courses is supported and reinforced with practical applications. The Food Chemistry and Analysis Laboratory is equipped with advanced technical equipment that provides fast and reliable results, and various thesis and research projects are carried out by graduate students and university academic staff in this laboratory. The variety and versions of the devices in the laboratory are increased and updated day by day by following the latest technological and scientific developments.​​​​​​







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